The Anglo concertina – Absolute beginners




Chris Sherburn and Dave Mallinson

Detailed tuition for playing traditional music on the Anglo concertina. Learn 72 easy, popular and well-known traditional tunes: core repertoire for pub sessions, country dances, ceilidhs, barn dances and hoe-downs. A book for adults who don’t have the luxury of a teacher. Crammed to bursting with, Anglo concertina tuition, tunes and information about traditional music. It’s a combination of a tutor and a tune book, with realistic expectations.



Foreword by John Spiers
Music Basics for Squeezers
The Anglo Concertina
Anglo Concertina Keyboard
Tunes on the Left Hand Keys
Tunes on the Right Hand Keys
Tunes on Both the Sides
The Key of C Major
Introducing 4/4 Time
Play Some Sea Songs
The Key of D Minor
The Key of G Major – G Row
Introducing 6/8 Time
Cotswold Morris Tunes
Traditional Music
Key of G Major – C Row
Key of G Major – G & C Rows
Play Some Single Reels
The Key of D Major
Slip Jigs and Slides
Introducing 2/4 Time
Irish Polkas
American Reels
The Key of A Minor
The Key of E Minor
Introducing 3/4 Time
Play a Welsh Tune
The Key of A Major
The Hornpipe Rhythm
Play Some Double Jigs
Play Some Easy Melodies
Play Some Irish Tunes


Jingle Bells
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
When the Saints
Skip to My Lou
Lightly Row
Bobby Shaftoe
Little Brown Jug
The Muffin Man
Loch Lomond
Yankee Doodle
Winster Processional
Polly Put the Kettle On
Baa Baa Black Sheep
South Australia
Donkey Riding
New York Girls
Drunken Sailor
The Bear Dance
Whip Jamboree
Winster Gallop
I Have a Bonnet
Buttered Peas
Cock of the North
The Haymakers’ Jig
Shepherds’ Hey
Shave the Donkey
Hey Away
Swaggering Boney
Johnny Come Down to Hilo
Rattlin’ Bog
A Hundred Pipers
Speed the Plough
The Duke of Perth
Oyster Girl
Constant Billy
The Tip Top Polka


Rakes of Mallow
Young Collins
Muckin’ o’ Geordie’s Byre
Lass o’ Dallowgill
Drops of Brandy
Dennis Enright’s Slide
Egans Polka
Eliza Jane
Buffalo Girls
Maggie in the Wood
Uncle Reuben
Camptown Races
John Egan’s Polka
Tralee Gaol
The Ballydesmond Polka
O’Keeffe’s Slide
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
The Rigged Ship
The Man in the Moon
Michael Turner’s Waltz
The South Wind
Sweet Jenny Jones
Miss McLeod’s Reel
Katie Bairdie
Roxburgh Castle
The Bush on the Hill
Larry O’Gaff
Fiery Clock Face
Goodbye Girls
The Ash Grove
The Enniskillen Dragoon
Rolling in the Ryegrass
The Home Ruler