Premium Bellows papers by David Elliott


Fine quality bellows papers by David Elliot sold individually – see description

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Premium Bellows papers Recreated by David Elliott author of “the Concertina Maintenance Manual”

All the papers are so sized and laid out that by selecting how the shape is cut relative to the border line, cutting they can be used to:

  • Over paper original papers
  • Fit the standard Concertina Spares range of new bellows and bellows kits
  • Maintain and retain the contemporaneous feel of the instrument
  • The base range of the papers is suitable for English treble and Anglo concertinas
  • In addition there are A4 sheets of gold dot and cross pattern on white. These sheets can be laid out for treble, baritone or bass concertinas as required.

The papers, with the exception of the Jeffries, are produced using true gold foil to regain the lustre and character of the original papers of the Victorian era.. The Jeffries papers are printed with a Gold Ink to completely capture the fullest detail of the complex geometric, almost ‘art deco’ pattern.

The range of papers has been selected to furnish replacement bellows or restored bellows on premium concertinas, providing the restorer or owner with access to artwork long lost and lovingly re-created. Many top class instruments have ended up with plain dot and cross or all black bellows when they should have been resplendent in the delicate Lachenal L or one of the Wheatstone daisy pattern variants.

  1. The daisy pattern: is the paper used, in common with some all black models, on only the very best Wheatstone concertinas to set the concertina aside from the plainer models, and indeed the competitor manufacturers. There are four variants, two on white stock, gold on white and white on a gold foiled background. Then two on a sealed black stock, gold on black and black on gold foiled background.
  2. The Lachenal ‘L’: is at the name implies, simple classy design, bordered with elegance, gold artwork on a sealed black background
  3. Jeffries pattern: a faithful reproduction of the famous Jeffries art work. Line for line, dot for dot, an exact reproduction, even down to the reproduction of the flaw in the original Jeffries plates
  4. Gold dot & Cross on Black: not as common as one might think, but certainly not uncommon either, this variant on the usual gold on white pattern brings a lot of style to even the most basic of instruments.



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Gold daisy on black, Gold daisy on white, Black daisy on Gold, Lachenal "L", Dot and cross on black, Jones on Black, Jeffries