I am 50 this December so I am closing the website from 17th December until January as I have a backlog of restorations and orders to complete before I break for Christmas. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience. If you have an important issues please ring but not on Christmas Day – heh

Merry Christmas to you all and a musical new year!


Welcome to Concertina-sparesHello everyone, well, it’s done, at last. I have been learning about web design for the past few months. YouTube here, forums there, trying to get this site how I want it. I think it is there now. The shop is in its first iteration. If you spot anything that needs changing or a mistake of some kind please contact me, this is still a work in progress and if I know about it  I can put it right quickly.

There are spare parts available online, for all well known makes of concertinas; Wheatstone, Lachenal, Jeffries, Jones etc. All types of concertina; English, Anglo, Maccann and Crane (also known as Triumph) duet systems. Parts are supplied for all Victorian concertinas including bellows, pads, springs, valves, buttons, straps etc. as well as materials such as binding leather and bellows papers.

If you register an account I will, once I am properly organised, send out the occasional email with new items available.

I have many parts available (too many to list), plus access to a large amount of items including complete action boards (mainly English but a few Anglo and Duet) including buttons etc. So if there are any parts that you need that are not listed on the website, either email or ring me to see if I have them or can source them.

Please ask if there are other items you require. If you require any information or advice about concertinas please email me.

Concertinas Always wanted

Concertinas in any condition no matter how badly damaged to use for spares or restoration, also wanted parts of concertinas especially steel reeds or any concertina related items.


Many Thanks Mark