ALWAYS WANTED- Concertinas in any condition no matter how badly damaged to use for spares,
also wanted parts of concertinas especially steel reeds or any concertina related items.

Click to magnify picture of straps  


English concertina showing thumbstraps.


Available in black or green, and in Wheatstone or Lachenal patterns; please select which colour and pattern you require.

If your English Thumbstraps or Anglo Handstraps are different from the ones shown on the catalogue page, please contact me before ordering as they will have to be made as a "Special Order", the cost will be the
same as the straps already listed


This picture shows the strap fittings; Lachenal (on left) and Wheatstone (right) types


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Anglo concertina showing hand straps; 2mm thick leather, available in black, brown or green, please select which colour you require.

Click on the picture for close-up of straps.

Anglo concertina hand straps are also
available with 2 different gold designs:
Jeffries design (left)
and Celtic design (next picture) NEW !- These straps are also available in
thicker 3mm leather (black only)
Celtic design
Black Nubuck straps  

Anglo hand straps made with black, layered nubuck leather and stitched around the edge. This makes them strong but very supple. Approx. 3mm. thick.

Anglo/Duet straps (3 mm. thick) for "Wheatstone" concertinas where a buckle rather than a strap screw is used to adjust for hand size, they are also for use on "Lachenal" Duet concertinas where the strap screw is at the bottom of the palm rest."

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Bellows papers. Click on the picture for a more detailed close-up. There are five types: Standard white & gold; Jeffries pattern A white & gold; Jeffries pattern B white & gold; White, green & gold, and a new variation white, grey & gold. Please note the bellows papers are not perforated, so have to be cut out by hand.

Brass Steel  

Reclaimed reeds, brass frames available with steel or brass tongues, tuned to your requirements.



Valves come in several sizes, as listed on the order forms.

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Sampers, felt washers, and lever arm grommets.

Sampers are small leather discs, and come together with pads.

Click on the picture for labelled closeup.



Springs (Phosphor Bronze). Please note there are both right-hand and left-hand varieties. Most of the springs in a concertina are the right-hand type. Please state which you require on the order form.

For an explanation of right and left types,
click here

(Materials and appearance of springs may vary)

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This picture shows the relationship of the button, felt washer, lever arm, spring, lever arm grommet, samper and pad. Click on it for a larger picture.


Pads come in 5 different sizes.

Each pad comes with a small leather disc called a samper.



Air button pads; these are larger and are available in 2 sizes, 27 mm round or 32x18 mm oval.

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Secondhand strap screws. Send me your old ones for a match. Supply is very limited, and a good match is not always possible.

New strap screws. These have screw-in inserts, suitable to fit where screw goes straight into wood.

These screws and inserts are brass. 1/2 inch for Anglo & Duet concertinas, 3/4 inch for English concertinas.

Buttons- secondhand. Send me a sample for matching.

Endbolts. Send me a sample for matching.


Brass finger rests for English concertina (new).




Long plated brass or steel woodscrews for English thumbstraps and finger rests




Brass strap guides for Anglo Concertinas


Bushing Material. This is a woven material, sold in pieces 2" x 6".

There are 2 colours available, red and black.




Leather for patching & binding, ready-skived gussets.

Thumbstrap kit  

Thumbstrap kit:

Black or Green Leather (cut and skived) with fabric and felt, £6.00 per pair.

Brackets, Lachenal, Wheatone or blank £4.00 per pair.

Loops £2.00 per pair

Instruction DVD, Showing how to make thumbstraps, fit bellows and thumb strap screw  inserts. (Free with bellows) - £1.50


Strip of wood at 120 degree angle for cutting corner blocks / reed pan supports for 6 sided concertinas, each strip is 6" long which is enough to make a full set of 12 blocks for a standard concertina.


This is a really useful cutting tool I have used for years for trimming pads, valves and cutting bushings. The blade is a standard craft knife blade (3 spares included) and is easily replaced.




Concertina Maintenance Manual by David D. Elliott


Replacement bellows (Black binding only).

Six fold bellows to fit standard sized concertinas including a CD with fitting instructions.
This has all the necessary components to replace un-repairable bellows.


1 x six-fold set of pre-made bellows cards (BLACK BINDING ONLY).

Sheets of 84 bellows papers plus a few spares (you can choose any of the designs on the website) they need to be cut out and pasted onto the bellows cards.

Self adhesive fabric binding to form a hinge where the bellows cards join the

Leather binding to cover the end-frames.

A CD compiled by David Elliott containing fitting instructions, photographs of all the important stages of fitting.


What you supply.

Time and patience.
Adhesives (specified on the CD).
Simple tools (also specified).
Bellows end-frames.

Please allow 28 days from receipt of order to dispatch of bellows.


Bellows kit after fitting to end frames and addition of papers

Bellows after attachment to end frames and
addition of Green and gold bellows papers

Bellows now available made from individual cards available by special
order only, there is an additional charge of £30.00 GBP for bellows made in this way because of extra work involved, please contact me for details or to order.


Black Bellows


"Aeola" bellows now available priced between £350.00 to £450.00 GBP dependent on specification, please contact me for details.

Finger sander for reed tuning.

I use these for tuning brass reeds and fine-tuning steel reeds.